Past Judges on The Voice

The Voice, a revolutionary singing competition, has become a global phenomenon since its inaugural season. With its unique blind audition concept and a focus on pure vocal talent, the show has produced numerous stars and also captivated audiences worldwide. As we delve into the history of The Voice, we’ll explore the contributions of past judges, from the original coaching panel to the recent additions, shedding light on their impact on the contestants and the show’s success.

Past Judges on The Voice

The Inception: Original Coaches and the First Season

The Birth of a Musical Extravaganza

The Voice kicked off its journey in 2011 with an exceptional lineup of original coaches: Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, and CeeLo Green. The quartet set the stage for what would become one of the most-watched singing competitions globally.

Blake Shelton’s Winning Streak

Blake Shelton, the popular country star, has been the only coach to appear in all seasons of the hit TV show “The Voice” since its very first season. His magnetic personality and down-to-earth demeanor have resonated with contestants and viewers alike, making him one of the most beloved coaches on the show. As the leader of Team Blake, he has produced several winners including Jermaine Paul, who won the show’s second season, and Craig Wayne Boyd, who won season 7. His deep understanding of country music and his winning streak with contestants like Craig Wayne Boyd have solidified his status as a go-to coach for aspiring country singers looking to make it big in the music industry.

Christina Aguilera’s Vocal Mastery

Christina Aguilera, a pop star sensation and former Mickey Mouse Club member, brought her powerhouse vocals to the coaching panel. Her experience as a judge on another singing competition, American Idol, added a unique perspective. Although she took a break in the later seasons, her impact on the show’s early years was undeniable, as she became the first female coach to win a season with her contestant Alisan Porter in Season 10.

Adam Levine’s Charismatic Coaching

Adam Levine, the frontman of Maroon 5, has been a prominent coach on the popular singing competition show, The Voice. He won the hearts of contestants and viewers alike with his magnetic personality and musical expertise. Levine’s charismatic coaching style emphasized versatility by encouraging participants to explore various genres and styles. His guidance led to victories for artists such as Javier Colon and Tessanne Chin, both of whom have gone on to have successful music careers. Levine, a three-time winning coach, has made significant contributions to The Voice and remains a beloved figure in the music industry and an inspiration to aspiring musicians everywhere.

CeeLo Green’s Eccentricity

CeeLo Green, a well-known musician and singer with a unique voice and personality, brought an element of unpredictability to The Voice’s coaching panel. His time on the show was marked by his ability to recognize and nurture unique talent, which was exemplified by artists like Sawyer Fredericks and Josh Kaufman. His contribution to the show was not only as a coach but also as an entertainer who added charisma and energy to the stage. Despite his departure from the show, CeeLo Green remains one of the most memorable coaches in The Voice’s history, thanks to his undeniable talent and infectious enthusiasm.

The Evolution: New Coaches and Rising Stars

Arianators, Rejoice! Ariana Grande Joins

In the 21st season, the coaching panel witnessed a significant change with the arrival of pop sensation Ariana Grande, replacing Nick Jonas. Known for her four-octave vocal range and also chart-topping hits, Grande added a fresh dynamic to the show, instantly connecting with contestants and fans alike.

Nick Jonas’s Brief Stint

Nick Jonas may have had a brief stint as a coach on The Voice, but his impact was significant. As the youngest member of the Jonas Brothers, Nick brought a fresh and contemporary perspective to the coaching panel. His ability to connect with aspiring artists was evident in the success of contestants like Maelyn Jarmon and Carter Rubin, who thrived under his guidance and became the youngest male winner in the show’s history at just 15 years old. Despite his short tenure in Los Angeles, Nick’s contribution to The Voice will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Kelly Clarkson: From Contestant to Coach

Kelly Clarkson, the original winner of American Idol, made history as the first contestant to win the competition and return as a coach. Her coaching style is marked by empathy and industry expertise, making her a formidable force in the music industry. She has led several artists to victory, including Brynn Cartelli and Chevel Shepherd, making her the first coach to win in consecutive seasons since Team Blake’s three-peat back in Seasons 2 through 4. In addition to her success on American Idol, Clarkson has had a successful music career with numerous hits such as “Since U Been Gone” and “Stronger.” She also hosts her talk show, The Kelly Clarkson Show, where she showcases her humor and relatability while interviewing various guests. Overall, Kelly Clarkson’s impact on the entertainment industry is undeniable, and she continues to inspire many aspiring singers with her talent and dedication to music.

John Legend’s Soulful Guidance

John Legend is a celebrated singer and performer, who became a coach on the hit show, The Voice, in its 16th season. As an EGOT winner and also accomplished musician, his presence added a touch of elegance and sophistication to the coaching panel. His calming demeanor and musical knowledge helped him guide artist Maelyn Jarmon to victory in the competition. John Legend’s talents as a coach are a testament to his immense skill as a singer-songwriter and his passion for nurturing new talent in the music industry.

Gwen Stefani’s Triumphant Return

Gwen Stefani, the popular American singer and songwriter, has been a coach on the hit TV show ‘The Voice’ for several seasons. She initially appeared as a coach in seasons 7, 9, and 12, including a triumphant return in season 19 where her unique style and understanding of pop music made her an invaluable addition to the lineup of coaches, alongside her fellow coaches John Legend, Reba McEntire, and Niall Horan. Several contestants like Chris Blue and Carter Rubin have benefited from her coaching prowess, which has helped them hone their skills and perform better on the show. As one of the most successful coaches on ‘The Voice,’ Gwen Stefani’s contributions to the show, alongside her fellow coaches, have been significant over the years.

The Goodbyes: Farewell to Familiar Faces

Departure of Beloved Judges

The Voice has seen some of its most popular judges leave the show over the years, including Adam Levine and Gwen Stefani. Levine left after season 16, while Stefani exited after the 17th season. Despite this, the show continued to evolve by introducing new judges and welcoming back familiar ones. The Voice remains one of the most popular singing competitions on television, with a loyal fan base that eagerly anticipates each new season.

Carson Daly: The Voice’s Loyal Host

Carson Daly has been a consistent presence on the popular reality singing competition “The Voice.” As the show transitioned through different coaching panels over the years, Daly remained a reassuring figure for contestants and viewers alike. He expertly guided them through the highs and also the lows of the intense competition, including blind auditions, battles, and live shows. His friendly and approachable hosting style, along with his experience as a former soul singer, has been a key factor in the show’s continued success, helping to build a loyal fan base that eagerly tunes in season after season.

The Legacy: Winners and Unforgettable Moments

From Sawyer Fredericks to Jake Hoot

The Voice has undoubtedly left a significant impact on the music industry with its diverse range of winners representing different genres. Over the years, the show has produced several talented artists, each with their unique style and voice. From Sawyer Fredericks and Jordan Smith to Jake Hoot and Chevel Shepherd, every season has given us a new rising star ready to take on the world with their music. The Voice not only provides a platform for these singers but also helps them gain recognition, fans, and success in the industry.

Memorable Moments and Mega Mentors

In later seasons, The Voice introduced the concept of Mega Mentors, which brought in industry giants like Niall Horan and Camila Cabello to offer invaluable guidance to contestants during crucial phases of the competition. These collaborations elevated the show’s level of competition and offered aspiring artists a unique opportunity to learn from some of the most successful musicians in the industry. The Mega Mentors’ insights and advice, including memorable moments with team members like Morgan Myles, have been instrumental in helping contestants hone their skills and refine their performances, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of the show.

The Future: A Glimpse of What’s to Come

New Coaches, New Dynamics

The Voice has always been a show that continues to evolve, and with new coaches joining the ranks, it only gets better. Each coach brings their unique perspective and experiences to the coaching panel, which adds to the show’s overall appeal. The Voice remains a dynamic platform for emerging talent, and fans eagerly anticipate the surprises each season brings. With every passing season, including the upcoming Voice Season 24, we can expect to see new faces and fresh talent that will undoubtedly leave us in awe.

Keeping the Legacy Alive

The Voice has grown into a platform for nurturing musical talent, with coaches like Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton helping to make it a household name. This show, which is now in its 24th season, has continued to captivate audiences by showcasing the raw vocal talent of contestants. The Voice’s success can be attributed to its unique format and emphasis on finding the best singer based on their voice alone. By focusing solely on vocal ability, the show provides a level playing field for all contestants, regardless of their background or appearance. Additionally, the show’s panel of experienced coaches provides invaluable guidance and mentorship to aspiring singers, helping them develop their skills and reach new heights in their career. Overall, The Voice stands out as one of the most influential music shows in New York and on television today, solidifying its legacy in the city that never sleeps.

Who were the past judges/coaches on The Voice?

Past judges on The Voice have included a variety of talented musicians and also artists. Some notable past judges include Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Clarkson, and also John Legend.


The Voice has transcended the traditional singing competition format, thanks to its exceptional judges and the diverse array of contestants. From the inaugural season with the original coaches to the recent additions like Ariana Grande, the show has evolved while maintaining its commitment to pure vocal talent. As we look back at the past judges on The Voice, it’s evident that each coach has played a crucial role in shaping the legacy of this extraordinary musical journey.

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